Jul 14, 2010

Reducing the size of BPEL Jar File

Some times you might see the size of the BPEL jar file in MB’s like 5 to 10 MB. To eliminate this problem remove “toplink” and “Oracle XML Parser V2” from your library path as explained below

1. Right Click on your BPEL project and click on “Project Properties”


2. Click on Libraries and uncheck the check boxes for “toplink” and “Oracle XML Parser V2” as shown below


This will reduce the size of the BPEL jar significantly


  1. Ramesh,

    It was nice article. Can you explain in detail the logical reason behind that.

    Currently we are using svn as version control,we check-in and check-out the BPEL code. When i compile the code the size of the Jar file gets doubled. I have work around to reduce the jar file.

    But I am curious about the option you have mentioned in the blog. Appreciate if you can explain me logical reason for this. Hope it helps my problem.


  2. Nethi,

    This jars will be automatically imported when new BPEL projects are created, to compile the files locally. However at run time these jars will be available on the server, so you can safely remove those.

    - Ramesh