Dec 28, 2010

Installing Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g–PART IV–Creating Repositories

Configuring schema

Now, create the database schema for the BAM and SOA servers.

1. To create the new schema, open a command window and enter the following:

cd c:\stageSOA\rcuHome\bin rcu.bat

2. The bat command returns to the prompt immediately and, after a few seconds, the Repository Creation Utility opens (if you just ran the utility to drop the schema, it opens the second time much more quickly).

3. On the Welcome screen, click on Next.


4. Select Create and click on Next.


5. Enter the database information


6. Click on Next.

7. The pre-requisites are reviewed. When complete, click on OK. The utility moves to the next page—with a slight delay, just wait for it.

8. On the Select Components screen, enter DEV in the field for creating a new prefix.

9. Select the component SOA Infrastructure or whichever component you want to install. Dependent schemas are selected automatically.


10. Click on Next.

11. The pre-requisites for this step are checked. When completed, click on OK.

12. Select the radio button to Use the same password for all schemas. Enter a schema password. The password welcome1 is assumed in this document but you should choose your own secure password or a different one for each schema and be sure to record your passwords as you will need them later.


13. Click on Next.

14. Review the tablespaces and schema owners for the components.


15. Accepting the defaults, click on Next, and then click on OK to create the tablespaces.

16. When the pre-requisites for this step are completed, click on OK.


17. Click on Create to create the tablespaces. This takes about two minutes.

18. When completed, click on Close.


  1. Could you pls let me know how to install oracle soa suite on windows 7 64 bit

  2. This is interesting and thanks for sharing the screen shots which makes the flow more clear.
    For the people who are interested it will be worth to research on this opensource middleware stack I found from WSO2 ( under Products > Middleware platform )